FassadenClip® FCS

The invisible, screwed fastening of the façade cover, also for less straight timbers. With the FassadenClip® FCS, the façade is well aired and joint distance is automatically adjusted.


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SIHGA® - Feature YOUR- Benefit
Patented façade fastening, invisibly screwed; made and developed in Austria The optically elegant surface is created simply, flexibly and without auxiliary tool
Suitable for almost all wood types with profile height 57-95 mm Even less straight strips are fastened professionally 
With SC 8® and SC 9® coating Fastens corrosion-protected and permanently, is heat, frost and UV resistant
Automatic distance to the substructure is 5.5 mm The façade remains ventilated, timber can dry well
Freely selectable reveal width, we recommend 8 mm The recommended joint width can be installed automatically without further aids
Timber remains undamaged on all visible surfaces Timber is screwed from below, this prevents direct weathering and ensures a long-lived façade
Includes SIHGAFIX®, all fastening screws, Systemstift® and installation instructions Time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed; SIHGAFIX® also screws in deep grooves
Two screw points per FassadenClip® on the plank Creates the same stability as visibly screwed, prevents displacement of the timber
Calculation values Calculations are per sq.m. 1 m² : Substructure distance in m : (High façade profile+joint) SIHGA® performs the calculation for you, just read the timber thickness and requirement per s.qm.
SIHGA® TIP MAGBIT® simplifies the installation