The universal fastening in hollow bricks, in lightweight and normal concrete or sold bricks with high holding power. Anchor and screw are already stuck in each other in the installation pack, including Hozibo drill. Saves lots of time.
paket (četiri kutije)
80 mm
100 mm
120 mm
140 mm
160 mm
180 mm
200 mm
230 mm
260 mm
SIHGA® - Feature   YOUR- Benefit Fastens in hollow bricks,lightweight and normal concrete, solid bricks, limestone blocks and porous concrete   Particularly good hold, even in hollow brick Integrated anti-rotation lock      For easy installation Fastens 20 - 200 mm thick materials   Very universally usable with limited storage work No protruding wall at the end of the anchor   Can be screwed flush-mounted With SC 1® coating   Fastens corrosion-protected and permanently Screw already inserted into anchor   Fast, saves installation work on-site Includes SIHGAFIX®, Hozibo drill with SDS holder and installation instructions   Time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories are enclosed; Hozibo, the drill for wood and brick in one working process through automatic hammer stop ETA European Technical Approval with external monitoring applied for, fire-resistance class REI 90   Trustworthy, externally monitored values provide certainty regarding the processing and rule out quality fluctuations Calculation values   SIHGA® performs the calculation for you, just read the attachment thickness and kN per fastening point