GoFix® MS II

The wood construction screw, made in Austria, combines the advantages of flat-head and counter-sunk head screws. The externally monitored ETA approval guarantees the stated values.


Promjer:   4 mm,   4,5 mm,   5 mm

Duljina:   30 mm,   35 mm,  40 mm,  45 mm,  50 mm,   60 mm  70 mm,   80 mm

Pakiranje:  Velika kutija,  Mala kutija



SIHGA® - Feature YOUR- Benefit
Made in Austria Local quality with local added-value
Fastens wood to wood up to 500 mm, even OSB Screw without pre-drilling and pre-sinking
Fastens pressure-resistant insulation materials for rafter insulation Also for insulation with a compressive stress above 50 kPa
The splitting effect in the wood is reduced through the special multistage head Saves 50 % of the storage, combines counter-sunk head and flat-head; transfers high forces, but can still be counter sunk and facilitates screw connections close to the edge
SC 3® / SC 7® coating  Significantly increased corrosion protection, paintable and even suitable for applications in corrosivity category C4-long or C5-medium
Special milling ribs on shaft and slip coating Pre-drilling effect, easy rotation, battery-saving
SIHGA® screw bit Fast attachment of the screw, processing-friendly and time-saving
Includes SIHGAFIX®, Systemstift® and installation instructions time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed; SIHGAFIX® also screws into deep grooves
SIHGA® MSZ ornamental washer for diameter 8 mm This ornamental washer MSZ increases the tensile force of the head to 9 kN; optically very beautiful and high tensile force
Positive assessment for processing with hammer screwdrivers Saves time and provides safety, also when working above the head
ETA European Technical Approval with external monitoring issued Trustworthy, externally monitored values provide certainty regarding the processing and rule out quality fluctuations
SIHGA® TIP For perfect screw image, tighten head flush to surface