GoFix® X+

The full-thread screw GoFix® XB with SC 12® coating and drill bit can be processed easily and transfers very high forces. The externally monitored ETA approval guarantees the stated values.


Promjer:   4 mm,   4,5 mm,   5 mm

Duljina:   30 mm,   35 mm,  40 mm,  45 mm,  50 mm,   60 mm  70 mm,   80 mm

Pakiranje:  Velika kutija,  Mala kutija


SIHGA® - Feature YOUR- Benefit
Fastens blunt wood connections extremely quickly Transfers high tension, compressive and sheering forces
Made from hardened carbon steel The permanent, secure fastening
screwing permissible less than 0° up to 90° to the grain fastens with all screw-in angles
SIHGA® drill bit for stress-free, easy rotation, enables small edge and axial distances
pre-drilling also permitted, for GoFix® X+ Ø 6.5 mm with 4 mm, with Ø 8.0 mm with 6 mm, with Ø 10.0 mm with 8 mm for renovating old timber or hard timber
stepless counter sinking screw head with deep, recessed drive can be countersunk, without splitting effect in the wood and without the drive skipping out of the head
strengthens constructive wood construction support reinforcements, anchor beams (combined bending girder), notches, transverse force reinforcements can therefore be produced quickly and individually
optimised thread for lightweight screw connections with low screw-in torque
including SIHGAFIX®, Systemstift® and installation instructions time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed
SIHGA® TIP For precise and fast series production, we recommend the professional installation aid

ransfers high tensile, compressive and shearing forces