IdeFix® STF

The optically attractive supporting foot IdeFix® STF with ETA approval, perfect constructive wood protection, rapid installation and very high extraction and compression values. Requested by users, developed for users.


Prilagodljiva veličina:   330 mm,   331 mm,   332 mm

Tip:   30 mm,   35 mm,  40 mm,  45 mm,  50 mm,   60 mm  70 mm,   80 mm


SIHGA® - Feature

  YOUR- Benefit
Per fastening point transfers up to 260 kN compressive and 45 kN tensile force The permanent, reliable connection with high extraction and pressure values
Easy installation, only insert in hole with 30, 40 or 50 mm diameter and depth This drilling can be performed in the factory or on-site
High corrosion protection with SC 6® coating  With surface with self-repair effect
Permanent wood connection Constructive wood protection keeps surfaces free from damage
Three-dimensional screw connection with IdeFix® in end-grain wood The globally unique product with three-dimensional, standardised screw connection provides security
Thread cover through stainless steel sleeve High corrosion protection and protection against water spray
Height-adjustable when installed Subsequently height-adjustable at any time
ETA European Technical Approval with external monitoring issued Trustworthy values provide high levels of security and risk-avoidance
IdeFix® drill gauge For rational, angled drilling, also on the construction site
SIHGA® TIP For professional fastening to the foundations, we recommend BeziFix® anchors