DielenFix® DF

The invisibly screwed fastening for terrace timber. The terrace covering is not damaged on any visible surface and is well ventilated. This extends the lifespan of the terrace.

Dimenzije:  17,  22,  28

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SIHGA® - Feature YOUR- Benefit
Fastens planks not visible screwed; made, developed and patented in Austria Gives the high-class look and the security of screws
Suitable for almost all wood types Reduces fault ratio when delivering the material to the construction site; this saves time and reduces storage costs
Planks remain undamaged on all visible surfaces Timber is screwed from below, this creates a longer lifespan and prevents rot, as well as direct weathering
Compensates for the swelling and shrinkage of the wood Reduces the crack and break behaviour of the timber during these natural processes
Selection of three screw lengths Possible use for all standard plank thicknesses from 19 - 30 mm
Variable reveal joint 0-15 mm Suitable for every construction client
Construction height, material thickness 6 mm for optimal ventilation Ensures optimum constructive wood protection;  the wood can swell and shrink, minimises the risk of cracks forming
Includes SIHGAFIX® rust-free, hardened rust-free stainless steel BohrFix® with drill bit and installation instructions No rust from external sources, screws do not sheer or break; time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories are enclosed 
Two screw points per DielenFix on the plank Provides the same stability as visible screws from above and prevents displacement of the timbers
With joint space ≥ 8mm Individual planks can be removed or replaced; for example for repair or to remove dirt/leaves
Calculation values

SIHGA® performs the calculation for you, just read the plank thickness and requirement per s.qm

SIHGA® Guarantee up to 23 years Product security, also in the future, no guarantee repairs
SIHGA® TIP MAGBIT® simplifies the installation