JustiFix® II JK

The adjustable foot JustiFix® II JK is the height-adjustable spacer between the terrace on any foundation. It keeps the terrace dry and well ventilated.

Dimenzije:  H,   S,   SF

Pakiranje:  Velika kutija,  Mala kutija

Podešavanje:  30-50mm,  50-90mm,   50-125mm,   120-160mm



SIHGA® - Feature YOUR- Benefit
Height-adjustable distance between substructure made from wood and any foundation This adjustable foot saves up to 50 % working time compared to individual solutions, the substructure remains dry and the terrace breathes
Made in Austria Local quality and added-value
Upper for wood, stone base and SymbioFix® substructure Varied uses, the wood substructure is simply fastened to the side of the upper
Integrated level equaliser evens out slopes of up to 3 %
Made from polypropylene, monitored in a special recipe Remains permanently shape-stable, heat, frost and UV resistant
Base plate with diameter 210 mm and rounded edge Large supporting surface, also for soft subsoil, rounded standing areas to protect the underlying films
Load capacity per piece 6.0 kN 3 per sq.m., for example with 700 mm distance from the substructure are sufficient
Calculation Values Simply select model
Including installation instructions Is time-saving and practically enclosed
SIHGA® Guarantee up to 23 years Product security, also in the future, no guarantee repairs
SIHGA® TIP Note design recommendations