L-GoFix® MS

The rust-free fastening of all woods to wood. The geometry of L-GoFix® creates a perfect look and can be very quickly screwed without splitting the wood.


Promjer:   4 mm,   4,5 mm,   5 mm

Duljina:   30 mm,   35 mm,  40 mm,  45 mm,  50 mm,   60 mm  70 mm,   80 mm

Površina:  SC9,  SC11,  Standard

Pakiranje:  Velika kutija,  Mala kutija


SIHGA® - Feature YOUR- Benefit
fastens wood to wood without pre-drilling and without countersinking Prevents cracks and splits in the timber, even for OSB panels or timber with high tannin content; saves time
Also fastens tropical woods and thermo-woods creates a perfect look, with these woods pre-drilling is recommended
Multistage head with small head diameter High constructive wood protection and polished surface as a result of the plane head
special thread angle with sharp thread edges High extraction value
SIHGA® bit ;with special shape guarantees fast setting of screws without splitting
SIHGA® ribs on shaft and slip coating Light, fast rotation and optimum fit in the wood are guaranteed
Made from hardened stainless steel Fastens without rusting, also in acidic woods and is extremely break-proof
Also available with SC 9® coating (in black) Optimal on dark materials
Also available with SC 1® coating (antique look) Can be used for larch, Douglas fur and Bangkirai
Includes SIHGAFIX® rust-free, Systemstift® and installation instructions Time-saving, practical, all accessories enclosed; SIHGAFIX® rust-free prevented rust from external sources and also screws into deep grooves
ETA European Technical Approval with external monitoring issued Trustworthy, externally monitored values provide certainty regarding the processing and rule out quality fluctuations
SIHGA® Guarantee 23 years Product security, also in the future
;Calculation values Requirement calculated in items per m²: 1 m² : Substructure distance in m : (width of wood profile + joint in m) x 2
SIHGA® TIP Always screw in flush, this prevents accumulations in the wood above the screw head, risk of tripping from protruding heads or burning for small children in high summer.