L-GoFix® MS

The rust-free fastening of all woods to wood. The geometry of L-GoFix® creates a perfect look and can be very quickly screwed without splitting the wood.


Promjer:   4 mm,   4,5 mm,   5 mm

JustiFix® II JK

The adjustable foot JustiFix® II JK is the height-adjustable spacer between the terrace on any foundation. It keeps the terrace dry and well ventilated.

Dimenzije:  H,   S,   SF

Pakiranje:  Velika kutija,  Mala kutija

GleitFix® AE

GleitFix® AE screw-fastening of start and end planks invisible
optionally also with tested stainless steel system screws with drill bit in A4 (GleitFix® AE CS), stainless steel A4 BohrFix® screws for increased risk of corrosion when exposed to salt and chlorine.

Attention: The material chosen is the material of the screws!

Dimenzije:   17,   22,   28

DielenFix® DF

The invisibly screwed fastening for terrace timber. The terrace covering is not damaged on any visible surface and is well ventilated. This extends the lifespan of the terrace.

Dimenzije:  17,  22,  28

Pakiranje:  Velika kutija  Mala kutija